Service Statistics Report

Network Engineering Department

Network Engineering Department Have a mission to serve Computer network wireless network Apply for an internet account Electronic mail Virtual network (RMUTI VPN) website hosting and website database service agency – maintenance, computer consulting, both hardware and software.

E-Learning and Educational Technology Department

E-Learning and Educational Technology Department Mission to provide knowledge testing center and information technology services Computer lab for teaching and learning Service studio room Audio recording room, editing room, teaching materials production Electronic Lessons or RMUTI E-Courseware Online Instructional Management System (RMUTI LMS) and both internal and external audiovisual services.

Management Information Systems Department

Management Information Systems Department  Service and consulting about the use of the Enterprise Resource Service (ERP) Educational Service System (ESS) Electronic Correspondence System. (E-Documents) Online Project Tracking System (OPT) Decision Making Information System (BI) Development of information system to support university administration And maintain the system And provide software license services And proceed with reporting on the preparation of the website of Rajamangala University of Technology Isan